Kali Namaskarah Retreat

This Retreat is Not in Silence

Applicants must have a minimum of 1 year dedicated yoga practice (3-4 days/week)

**Please note that Sirsasana, Sarvangasana and Urdhva Dhanurasana are a part of the ‘Kali Namaskarah’ sequence. Applicants are advised to be relatively comfortable with these postures (supported is ok) or in adequate condition to begin learning them.

Description of the course

The ‘Kali Namaskarah’ Intermediate Retreat at Amritapuri, India combines the creativity, intensity and playfulness of the Divine Mother Kali with the stillness and wisdom of Lord Shiva. The morning asana practice begins with a Kali Bhajan followed by a dynamic vinyasa flow progressively building the ‘Kali Namaskarah’ sequence. The afternoon asana practice is a clinic providing a deeper technical understanding of the asanas and breath.

One of the most unique aspects of this retreat is the group seva (selfless service) component. Love and service in community is central to Amma’s message for world peace. On two mornings during the retreat, the class will go to different departments in the ashram to work on a special seva project. During four other days of the retreat, the class will attend a satsang given by senior disciples and devotees. This retreat also includes a daily meditation, restorative classes, Kali puja and a break in the middle of the day to rest, rejuvenate and spend time with Amma.

Structure of the course

  • 14 Yoga Asana Classes
  • Kali Namaskarah Sequence
  • Meditation
  • 4 Satsangs
  • 2 Seva Projects
  • Kali Puja
  • Ashram Daily Schedule (including archana, bhajans, Amma’s darshan, beach meditation and satsangs)

Upcoming Retreats

20jan(jan 20)4:00 am27(jan 27)4:00 amKali Namaskarah Retreat