A Simple and Profound Meditation Format from Amma

Amma breathes life into the ancient wisdom that the source of fulfillment lies deep within each one of us. Meditation is a wonderful way to access this well-spring of happiness.

Using Amma’s unique MA-OM meditation format, we learn to focus the mind using sacred mantras synchronized with the breath.

Through gentle guidance from a meditation instructor, we are invited to gradually withdraw the mind from the external until we arrive at an experience of our own blissful silent Presence.

The Power of Silence

The foundation of the Silent Meditation Retreats is each participant’s commitment to the practice of silence. A personal vow of silence is the starting point.

Why silence? Normally our attention is flowing outwards, pulled towards objects, people and the situations of life. We are usually ‘being with’ something or someone. By practicing silence, we shift the direction of this flow inwards to experience the power of our very own ‘being’. It is a joyful, energizing and deeply transformative experience.

Each retreat begins with a ‘lighting of the lamp’ ceremony, traditional in the spiritual culture of India. Each participant, supported by the group energy, receives a silence badge and makes the inner resolve to be in silence for the duration of the retreat. Guidance is provided at the end of the retreat on how to carefully come out of silence with awareness.

Prayer and Meditation for the Benefit of the World

Amma constantly reminds us that when we pray and meditate for the benefit of the world, not only are other beings and nature benefited from our practices, but in fact we are the ones who experience the benefit first. We feel an immediate sense of joy and peace in the moment and the merit of our efforts also comes back to us at a later time.

Amma tells us that in current times, both nature and the human mind are in an agitated state. By cultivating positive thoughts and emotions within ourselves, understanding the truth of our inter-connectedness, we can trust that these vibrations will help make a difference in the world.

Guided world peace meditations are a part of all the Silent Meditation Retreats. In addition, the longer retreats present guided meditations in forgiveness, loving kindness, compassion and gratitude.

Yoga to Compliment a Meditation Practice

The daily yoga asana classes are presented as a compliment to the meditation format. By opening and energizing the body to ultimately help silence the mind, we are prepared for longer periods of meditation. The foundation of the yoga teachings is that by heightening our awareness of the body, the breath and the chanting of the MA-OM mantras, we become more focused and serene within. The yoga also reinforces spiritual values such as patience, devotion,  humility and selflessly dedicated actions to the Divine.

Whether you are a complete beginner to yoga or a more advanced practitioner, the classes in the Silent Meditation Retreats are accessible and interesting for all levels. Based in Amma’s teachings, the classes are skillfully sequenced, moderately challenging and shared with lots of love.