3-Day Advaita (Non-Dualism) Silent Retreat

The focus of this new retreat is to go deeper into the traditional Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism) meditation teachings & techniques, using Amma’s teachings and unique MA-OM meditation as a guide.

Requirements for Eligibility

  • Previously attended at least one Daylong, 5-Day, 7-Day, 9-Day or Monthlong Amrita Silent Retreat

Meditation & Silent Practice

  • Relaxation meditation
  • Meditation on values
  • Concentration meditation (Dhyana)
  • Focusing on non-dual meditation (Nididhyasana)
  • Multiple one hour silent sitting sessions
  • Silent walking meditation sessions

Meditation Satsangs

  • Detailed talks on the theory & practice of meditation
  • Dedicated Q&A sessions


  • 1.5 hour yoga asana class each afternoon designed to deepen meditative practices

Other Info

  • Daily time with Amma while on retreat includes: Amma’s meditation, bhajans (devotional singing) and sitting on stage during Amma’s darshan
  • Amma video after dinner
  • All meals, snacks and tea are catered for participants and served separately in the Silent Retreat dining hall
  • Silent Retreat accommodation rooms available
  • Translations generally available in French, Spanish, German and Italian

Upcoming Retreats

30aug(aug 30)1:00 am02sep(sep 2)1:00 am3-Day Advaita (Non-Dualism) Silent Retreat *NEW*