Upcoming Online Retreats

february 2021

19febAll DayFriday, 19th Feb - FRENCHBri. Amrita Chaitanya - 'Axer sa Vie sur le But – Lakshya Bodha'

20febAll Day21Saturday, 20st FebDevapriya - 'Happiness is a Decision'

21febAll DaySunday, 21th FebSwami Shubamritananda Puri - 'Seek the Eternal'

26febAll DayFriday, 26th Feb - GERMANKumuda - 'Die Quelle der Freude liegt in Dir'

27febAll DaySaturday, 27th FebSwami Dhyanamritananda Puri - 'Silence - the Secret'

28febAll DaySunday, 28th FebAnalan - 'King Janaka’s Dilemma'

Meditation is as precious as Gold

Amma often says, “Meditation is as precious as gold. Not a single moment spent in meditation is wasted.” She encourages us to imbibe these simple words so we can attain the greatest wealth in life – genuine and lasting happiness. She constantly reminds us that the purpose of human life is Self Realization and to use what time we have to strive for this goal.

The benefits of regular meditation include clarity and strength of mind to achieve one’s goals, growing in self-confidence, overcoming stress and tension, opening to more love and compassion and being able to remain steady in an ever-changing world.

A time for Silent Meditation

Hundreds of people have now experienced these Silent Meditation Retreats and having learned how to cultivate the art of taking refuge in the Self, their lives have been profoundly transformed. The retreats are suitable for beginners to meditation and yoga but also help to reinforce and strengthen existing spiritual practices, providing a solid foundation for a lifetime of practice.

Amma’s teachings on loving awareness provide the basis of all retreats; we learn to sit with awareness, walk with awareness, perform every yoga asana with awareness and how to eat with awareness. Living with awareness leads to understanding and love. When we understand and love ourselves, we are better able to understand and love others.

Why attend a Silent Meditation Retreat in Amma’s Amritapuri Ashram

Practicing meditation and yoga in the ashram of a perfect living Master is a rare blessing and the most conducive way to make progress on the spiritual path. The Silent Meditation Retreats provide a supportive environment for disciplined practice in Amma’s loving presence. These residential retreats are fully catered in the new Shanti Mandiram, an integrated meditation center and dining hall in Amma’s Amritapuri ashram located in Kerala, South India.

The retreats incorporate time with Amma daily, whenever she is present in the ashram. Participants frequently remark at their newfound ability to transform the usually turbulent mind into a powerful ally and develop self-mastery.